Denise M Taylor

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Are you in the mood for a quiz? If so, sharpen your red pencil! There are errors, or improvements to be made, relating to grammar, punctuation and sentence structure in the following ten sentences. Can you spot them?  Each ‘issue’ has been covered in the first ten articles written for ‘The Art of Writing & Editing’ series. Answers are provided […]

The ellipsis (. . .) and the em dash (—) are two of my favourite members of the punctuation family. If I have to choose one that I value more than the other, then it would have to be the ellipsis. Why? Because those three dots allow me to leave out superfluous text from a quotation; but, they are even […]

Writers control the pace and mood of their writing with punctuation; it’s an art. Commas, colons and semi-colons break a sentence into units of breath, offering the reader small chances to pause. But there is more to consider. Minimalist writer, Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), used commas and semi-colons sparingly to create tension and maintain engagement with the narrative. Consider the final […]