Denise M Taylor

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It took three hours from Kyoto by train and bus (make that 6 hours return), but it was worth it … My friend with whom I was travelling had kindly acquiesced and agreed to my bizarre pilgrimage to see two rocks in the Genkai sea (the southwestern tip of the Sea of Japan).  For some reason, when Gary Hickey, our […]

As the summer sun disappeared behind the silver birches and a silent dusk cloaked our backyard, I was transported back to Sweden for just one moment. Over a year ago (30 June 2011) we had flown into Stockholm Arlanda airport. The stark white building, surrounded by a dense green forest, with its fragrant timber-lined interior, confirmed my stereotypical images of Sweden […]

There’s a pig flying down Swanston Street. I saw it only recently on a cold wintry day in Melbourne as I waited for the lights to turn green at the Burke Street intersection. The sun was shining and the sky was so blue that I looked up and there it was … a pig with wings, balancing on top of […]

Leaves were falling and London was wearing a mantle of fog on the morning of Monday 22 October 2012. Autumn leaves brought to mind two exquisite paintings, ‘Autumn Leaves’ (1856) and ‘Mariana’ (1851), by John Everett Millais, one of the founding members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (PRB). So it made sense to head for the Tate Gallery, situated on the banks of […]